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quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011

Barra do Garças – MT

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Serra do Roncador - Vale dos Sonhos - MT - BR158 - KM 730

The city offers as great attraction the “Serra do Roncador”, encircled of legends and mysteries. In its cracks and caves, small farms archaeological of inestimable scientific value meet.
All of these places and more can be found, discovered and enjoyed in Barra do Garças.

Aquatic park

The period of bigger concentration of tourist of in the May months the July.. Barra do Garças offers excellent possibilities of leisure for who likes and appreciates the nature. A true waterfall infinity exists in the city that seems “eden”. The city shelters a tourist complex of thermal waters,  with excellent service of restaurant.

Roadmap for parties and events

 Carnival Port
of Bae and clubs in town.

• Easter .

• Motorcycle - National Meeting of Moto big business –
    • Day 13: Feast of St. Anthony (in honor of the patron saint of the city)

 Season Waxing Crescent Beach (Rio Araguaia) and Praia da Arara (Rio Garças)

Holidays that happen during the season:
• Evolution
• Fim de Tarde
• Festa do Sol

• EXPOLESTE (Agricultural Exhibition)

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